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Our Designers

Choose a Designer to Craft your Own.

Sanjana Sengupta

Fashion Jewellery Designer (Since 2019)

Hi I am a jewelry designer since 2019 and have been making unique handmade pieces to bring in touch of Indian culture .

Sanjana Sengupta
Mouli Bakshi

Mouli Bakshi

Fashion Jewellery Designer (Since 2016)

I am a designer and manufacturer of high-quality fashion jewellery, made to order and tailored to your personal style.I take inspiration from the world around me and make it into wearable, everyday jewellery.

Disha Sorathiya

Fashion Jewellery Designer (Since 2015)

Jewelry designing is my passion. I love to design various kind of jewelry for all the seasons and occasions. You will get the best customer experience with me

Disha Sorathiya.jpeg
Anvesha Modak.jpeg

Anwesha Modak

Jewellery Store, Bags & Accessories (Since 2019)

Designing jewellery for happy people.I am a home based jewellery designer. I have been designing jewellery for the past 4 years. I have been providing customised jewellery to my customers and they loved it.

Debanti Sen

Jewellery & Handicrafts (Since 2013)

I am Housewife who has the passion to make arts and jewelry since my childhood.

Debanti Sen


Artist (Since 2017)

Im a digital and wall artists who is patinate to create the art that people love 


Specialised In Terracotta (Ceramic) Jewellery (Since 2008)

I am a designer who loves to innovate. I enjoy making jewellery pieces that are one-of-a-kind and different from what you see in the market. I work with Terracotta or Wood to create a range of pieces for every type of woman.

Arpita mahato.jpeg

Arpita Mahato

Jewellery Store, Bags & Accessories (Since 2018)

The jewellery I design is organic, very earthy and it feels like you are wearing a piece of nature.

Samapti Dutta

Terracotta (Ceramic) Jewellery Designer (Since 2012)

I love to design jewellery that is different from what you see in the market, and also customised to your preference. Come and explore at Diamante Trinkets store or connect to zoom call support team for a unique jewellery made of terracotta.

Samapti Dutta
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